VARAC Awards

In recognition of its members, VARAC presents the following awards at its Year-End Social, held in November after its Annual General Meeting.

The Jim McGregor Spirit of Sportsmanship Award

The Jim McGregor Spirit of Sportsmanship Award
The membership of VARAC votes for the club member deserving of the McGregor “Spirit of Sportsmanship” Award. The award is “Given annually to the individual who in the opinion of the racing members of VARAC best exemplifies the spirit of and dedication to vintage automobile racing in Canada.”

The Jim McGregor Spirt of Sportsmanship Award
  • David Holmes 2016
  • Diane Dale 2015
  • Bob DeShane 2014
  • Ted Michalos 2013
  • Richard Navin 2012
  • Joe Lightfoot 2011
  • John Kinnear 2010
  • Andrew Celovsky 2009
  • Stefan Wiesen 2008
  • Jon Brett 2007
  • Walter Davies 2006
  • Doug Durrell 2005
  • Mike Jennings 2004
  • John Dodd 2003
  • Jeff Bateman 2002
  • Van Worsdale 2001
  • Bob Grunau 2000
  • James Therien 1999
  • Doug Elcomb 1995

  • Nancy Turnbull 1994
  • Mike Rosen 1993
  • Bill Hirst 1992
  • Brian Evans 1991
  • Walt Mackay 1990
  • Phil Lamont 1989
  • John Demaria 1988
  • Roger Fountain 1987
  • John Greenwood/Stephen Burnett 1986 (tied)
  • Ollie Clubine 1985

The James Fergusson Challenge Trophy

The James Fergusson Challenge Trophy
Not always awarded on an annual basis, and voted on only by the Board of Directors, the wording on the trophy as follows “Originally awarded by pioneer Canadian sports car personality Jim Fergusson from 1949 to 1956, this trophy was donated to the Vintage Racing Association of Canada by his widow, Mrs. Alice Fergusson. Refurbished by VARAC in 1980, the Fergusson Challenge Trophy shall be awarded to a VARAC member, who, in the opinion of its Directors, has made an outstanding contribution to vintage racing in Canada according to the aims expressed in the VARAC charter.”

The James Fergusson Challenge Trophy
  • Joe Lightfoot 2016
  • Geoff McCord 2015
  • Jeremy Sale 2014
  • Bob DeShane 2013
  • Stefan Wiesen 2010
  • Fred Samson 2009
  • Peter Jackson and Aileen Ashman 2008
  • Bob Harrington 2007
  • Jeff Bateman 2006
  • Mike Rosen 2005
  • Ron Wanless, 2004
  • Bob DeShane, 2001
  • John Greenwood, 1999
  • Van Worsdale, 1995
  • Bill Hirst, 1995
  • Mike Rosen, 1991
  • Doug Fisher, 1989
  • Malcolm Elston / Penny & Roger Fountain,1987 (tied)
  • George McCullough, 1986
  • Jim McGregor (posthumously) 1985
  • Dick Baker, 1984
  • Phil Lamont, 1983

  • John Ash, 1981
  • Oliver Clubine, 1980
  • Louw Broadfield, 1979
  • Bill Klinck, 1956
  • Gordon Holloway, 1955
  • F.J. Hayes, P.S. Hayes, J.W. Fergusson, 1954
  • A.C. Wilson, F.J. Hayes, P.S. Hayes, 1953
  • J.T. Cook, R.J. Deane, P. Hessler, 1952
  • F.Hayes, P.Hayes, N. Bryson, 1951
  • M. Doyle, J.H.Kane, B.W.Richardson, 1950

The Gord Lowe Award

The Gord Lowe Award
The coveted Gord Lowe award is “Awarded periodically or annually to the driver who, in the opinion of the selection committee, represents VARAC’s goals of competitor and sportsman combined; while competing both in VARAC and other racing disciplines, and maintaining an active involvement within the vintage racing community.” Nominations are identified by a nominating committee (comprised of the Driver’s Conduct Chair of the VARAC BoD (or designated board member) plus one VARAC Vintage/Historic and one Classic (G70+, G90) member) and are forward to members of Gord Lowe’s family who make the final selection. The permanent award, beautifully handcrafted by Gord’s son, remains the property of the family and is returned after one year, and a “keeper” award, which is retained by the award winner. The criteria reflect Gord’s own approach to our sport. The winner:

  • Must be an active vintage racer.
  • Must also race in another racing forum (such as GT or F1600)
  • Must promote, through word and deed, VARAC’s priorities of high driving standards, and good sportsmanship both within and without the vintage racing communities.
  • Is an active contributor to the vintage racing community through communications, or BoD membership, or some other form where they are able to influence and lead others.
Gord Lowe
  • 2011 – Andrew Celovsky
  • 2010 – Diane Dale
  • 2009 – Jeremy Sale
  • 2008 – David Clubine