VARAC Rules and Regulations

The rules pertaining to the Vintage/Historic grid, open and closed wheel cars that can run together on a mixed grid are the following:

All VARAC cars must fill in an Eligibility form each year and send it to the Chairman of the Eligibility Committee. Cars that have no eligibility forms submitted will not be eligible for the points championship.

Vintage/Historic Cars

Classic Cars (G70+, G90)

Formula Classic Cars

VARAC is pleased to welcome “guests” from other VMC clubs to participate on our grids. Set out below are the rules we follow regarding technical inspections. We recognize that each of the VMC clubs has their own ruleset and technical standards and if a participant’s car is in compliance with their home club’s ruleset they will be allowed to participate in our events.

If you have any questions about our technical inspection policies please contact our Race Director.

  • All vehicles participating on a VARAC grid must have evidence of a valid technical inspection before they will be allowed on track.
  • VARAC members must be in compliance with our own rule set, as well as show evidence of a CASC-OR Annual Tech inspection (stamped logbook or stamped/signed annual tech form).
  • Guests (non-VARAC members) must provide evidence that their car and personal safety equipment are in compliance with their home club’s ruleset and have received/passed a current tech inspection.
  • In the absence of acceptable evidence of a valid current tech inspection, entrants will be required to submit to tech inspection at the event. Vehicles so directed will not be allowed on track until they are designated in compliance by the Scrutineers. Guests must provide access to their home club’s ruleset if they want to be teched to that standard. Otherwise, we will rely on VARAC’s ruleset and CASC-OR’s regulations.
  • VARAC reserves the right to require any entrant’s vehicle at any time during an event to go to the impound for technical inspection. Any driver/vehicle so instructed may not participate on track until released by race officials.
  • Failure to comply with tech requirements will be considered a “reportable incident” subject to VARAC’s published Conduct procedures, including possible expulsion from the event.

Tech Form for Closed Wheel Cars

Tech Form for Open Wheel Cars

We take Driver Conduct very seriously – VARAC has a strict “No Contact” policy and all drivers are expected to comply with it. Our Conduct Committee monitors Driving Standards – here are the rules and penalties they can apply in the case of incidents.

  • Conduct Committee Procedures

All drivers in VARAC are invited to join in the annual VARAC Drivers Challenge – all for fun, and fun for all: