VARAC Off Track Insurance Policy

VARAC has arranged an Off Track Policy with K and K Insurance of Mississauga that covers your race car, trailer and contents – EXCEPT for the period when your race car is moving under its own power – i.e. as your car drives from the Paddock onto the track and back again.

Features of the Policy include:

• The Premiums below are quoted in Canadian $ and are based on the value of your trailer and the value of your race car.

• All premiums automatically include up to $8,000 worth of spares, tools or equipment

• The coverage is for all risks of physical loss or damage – what this means is that you are covered for all the time your race car is not moving under its own power – i.e. all the time apart from when you are driving it through the Paddock and on the track. At all other times, when its parked in the Paddock or in the trailer, it is covered.

• Your trailer and spares are covered 365 days a year.

• Coverage extends to Canada AND while you are travelling in the US – but sorry, US members, this is policy is only available to Canadian members.

• Coverage will be by Agreed Value, with appraisals or invoices supporting.

• This is a special VARAC Policy but individual policies will be issued to you – there is not a VARAC Master Policy as such. This means that your future premiums will be based on your personal claims history, not the level of claims in the Group.

• This policy is only open to VARAC members

You can get full details of the Policy HERE and the Application Form HERE. After you have completed the Form, please return it to Joan Warren-Phenix at the address shown on the form.

Mosport 50th Anniversary


By Jeremy Sale.

The 32nd VARAC Festival is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the

opening of Mosport by featuring “The Cars of Italy” and “Porsches”.

Some great Vintage, Historic and Group 70+ cars will be on track and

believe it or not, some of the drivers who raced here in 1961 are

racing with us at the Festival!


The drivers who competed here “in the day” are perhaps a little more

vintage than the cars they are driving but their great enthusiasm for

racing is still present. So today some are racing, some working, some

spectating, but all are celebrating this 50th anniversary. So please

come along to welcome back Walt MacKay, Frank Mount, Jack

Boxstrom, John Greenwood, Oliver Clubine, Al Pease, Gord Green, Phil

Lamont, Tony Simms and all of those who were here in 1961.


We salute all the drivers in vintage racing, but as they say “The cars are the stars!”

So at the Festival, you’ll be able to take a walk around the paddock for

a close-up look at all the cars and chat to the drivers. They are always

more than pleased to tell you the stories behind these great vintage

racecars or have the kids get their picture taken behind the wheel.


We hope you’ll enjoy your visit – if you do, why  not join us?

VARAC membership is open to anyone who shares our desire to preserve,

restore, race… or just watch historically important cars. Ask any

VARAC member or check us out on the membership tab.

Pit Signals May 2011

Jeremy Sale and Walter Davies have just finished putting the final touches to the latest “Pit Signals” – chock full of pics. From the BEMC weekend and with a great story from Joe of his trip to Infineon Raceway.

You can download your copy HERE

Dunlop Announces no more FF tyres available this season

Phil Lamont, President of Vintage Racing Tyres, the distributor of Dunlop Racing Tyres in North America has announced that Dunlop in the UK will not be manufacturing the Dunlop Bias Ply FF tyres for the rest of the season.

You can see Dunlop’s Announcement in Phil’s letter – we can all read between the lines, but the future after the 2011 season looks bleak to me – but I may be wrong..

This is a serious blow for FF racers, and Monoposto are looking at alternatives for the season. We’ll post updates as we hear when this problem is resolved.


May 2011 Vintage Racer

Vintage Racer Magazine is available online.



In this edition of the Vintage Racer we take a look back at the 1967 Sundown Grand Prix. Reading an old account it struck me how many VARAC types were involved in the event who are still involved with racing today. A couple of them have sons who are now racing. Th e Sundown Grand Prix was once won by no less a racing fi gure than Roger Penske.

This was long before anyone realized that there could be something richer than a millionaire that began with the letter B. In 1960 winners Peter Ryan and Roger Penske took home $800. Other notable winners include Al Pease, Eppie Wietzes and Craig Fisher, George Eaton, Maurice Carter and Nat Adams, Ludwig Heimrath and others.

And there’s more! So enjoy! And your comments and contributions are always welcomed.


Jeremy Sale

For the full document please check and download from here