Confirmed Registrations For Test And Tune Day

Hello VARAC racers


With just under 2 weeks to go until Test and Tune Day, I wanted to confirm who has registered to date. As this is one of the first times we’ve used the new Online Registration System, some members seem to have had problems with it as there are a number of “abandoned” entries.

So just to make sure, I thought I’d list who is currently registered – if you are NOT on this list, you are NOT registered.


If you are not on the list, you can still register online HERE . If you prefer to wait and register at Mosport, you’ll pay an additional $75 over the online rate of $175, so we really hope everybody will register online.


So here is the list of CONFIRMED REGISTRATIONS:


Name                              # of Cars

Gary Allen 1
Gord Ballantine 1
Del Bruce 1
Jeff Clark 1
Steve Clark 1
Neal Cockshutt 1
Christopher Creighton 1
Diane Dale 1
Jeff Devine 1
Michael Deweerd 1
Ted Dobbie 1
Bob Eagleson 1
Patrick Ferrier 1
Colin Gibson 1
Glenn Grainger 1
Steve Hamann 1
Tom Harwood 1
David Heino 1
Gavin Ivory 1
Andy Januszewski 1
Geoffrey Layne 1
Walt MacKay 1
Geoff McCord 1
Cam McRae 1
Matt Molson 2
Robert Murray 1
Richard Navin 1
Andrew Nelson 1
Steve O’Connell 1
Mike Palladino 1
Richard Paterson 1
Bob Polak 1
Craig Rodwell 1
Fred Samson 1
Tim Sanderson 1
Peter Schlag 1
Robert Searle 1
John Stammers 1
Mike Steplock 1
Michael Strelbisky 1
James Sutherland 1
Douglas Switzer 1
Brian Thomas 2
Harry Vegter 1
Stefan Wiesen 2
Kevin Young 1


Please check carefully – you may think you’ve registered but you may accidentally be one of the “abandoned” if your name is not on the list. If you have trouble registering, please Email me and I’ll talk you through the Registration process