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VARAC March 2011 President’s Newsletter

Our President’s Newsletter

Here’s the latest VARAC Newsletter – it’s now not that long to the start of the season, so lets focus on a few key issues the BOD wants to raise…

VARAC Off-Track Insurance
We’ll all be using our trailers very shortly as we start on the 2011 season, and, sadly, we hear regular stories of trailers being stolen, often with cars in them.
You can insure against this – in fact, you can insure your race car, trailer and all your tools for the whole time that your race car is not on the track.
I’ve personally had this coverage for years, and regard it as a sensible precaution, so we’ve used the numbers of members in VARAC to  arrange a very beneficial Off Track Insurance package for trailer, tools and race cars for our members.
For the full document please check your e-mail or download here