Canada 5000 Stops at CHGP in 2015

Inside Track Excerpt – Canada 5000 Rally Schedules Stop at CHGP June 19-21

Who would be crazy enough to fancy driving across Canada in an almost 50-year old car? And we’re not talking about using the Trans-Canada Highway! Dave Clark and Dave Myers have restored a 1967 Volvo 122S and are retracing the original Shell 4,000 Rally route right across Canada, with a stop at the Canadian Historic Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, which as “Mosport” was a Special Stage in the rally years ago.

The following link is a copy of the article written by VARAC member Jeremy Sale for Inside Track Motorsport News:

See the CTV Interview with Dave Clark here.

Diana Carter and Gillian Field got a bit stuck in their Volvo 122S in the 1964 Shell 4000, but made it out and finished 24th overall, 11th in their class. The Canada 5000 car is the same colour, is also a four door and will definitely be drawing some inspiration from this car! Photo courtesy of and