Welcome to VARAC


Welcome to our website!

VARAC, the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada, is the main Vintage Racing Club in Eastern Canada, although we have members from the Prairie Provinces, the US, Europe and, of course, Ontario and Quebec.

We race cars made in 1989 or earlier, and split our cars into 4 age groups:

  • Pre-war –  including post war MG T series cars (as they were built to pre-war designs)
  • Vintage – for cars up to 31 December 1961
  • Historic – for cars from 1 January 1962 to 31 December 1972
  • Group 70+ – for cars from 1 January 1973 to 31 December 1989.
  • Group 90 – for cars from 1 January 1990 to 31 December 1994.

We then split these age groups into classes, based on what type of car they are – sedan, sports racer, open wheel car, sportc car etc. – You can see some of these classes in this photograph, or find out about them under the “Technical Tab” above.





All  VARAC members share a desire to preserve, restore and race historically significant cars in a form as close to the original specification as possible. That means that we have Eligibility requirements to ensure that our cars are racing as they were “in the day” – we don’t allow any modifications to cars if they were not available at the time the car originally raced.

You can find out all about these Eligibility requirements under the Technical Tab above, then drop to the  Rules and Regulations section.

Of course, even with our strict Eligibility requirements, there have been many improvements in motor racing safety equipment since these cars were built and we urge all members to incorporate and take advantage of these safety improvements – when they  can be incorporated without diminishing the vintage character of the car.

We think that Vintage Racing should be enjoyable to participants and spectators with a minimum emphasis on trophies and awards. When you are competing just for the joy of taking part, it really does keep the fun in Vintage Racing – that’s the VARAC spirit!.

If you are new to vintage racing and want to find out what is involved, download  So You Want to be a Race Car Driver by Walter Davies – it will give you a step by step guide to how you can join us on our grids.