VARAC March 2011 President’s Newsletter

Our President’s Newsletter

Here’s the latest VARAC Newsletter – it’s now not that long to the start of the season, so lets focus on a few key issues the BOD wants to raise…

VARAC Off-Track Insurance
We’ll all be using our trailers very shortly as we start on the 2011 season, and, sadly, we hear regular stories of trailers being stolen, often with cars in them.
You can insure against this – in fact, you can insure your race car, trailer and all your tools for the whole time that your race car is not on the track.
I’ve personally had this coverage for years, and regard it as a sensible precaution, so we’ve used the numbers of members in VARAC to  arrange a very beneficial Off Track Insurance package for trailer, tools and race cars for our members.
For the full document please check your e-mail or download here

VARAC Test and Tune Day

The 2011 Test and Tune Day will be held on Friday, 22nd April (Good Friday) at Mosport from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.


This is the ideal opportunity to get your car through its Annual Inspection and do some laps of the Circuit to blow the cobwebs off it, and you!

At lunchtime, we’ll serve the usual delicious burger/hot dog and soda.



1. starting at 9:00 a.m., track sessions will be 25 minutes duration, with a 5 minute changeover/clean up period before the next session.

2. we will alternate sessions in 2 groups:

Group 1. Vintage/Historic and Open Wheel,

Group 2. G70+ Cars.


3. we will enter the track at the corner 1 ramp from the end of the pits. The exit is the usual way from Corner 10 – except that no cars will be allowed to stop in the pits and must move immediately through to the Paddock so we can control the number of cars on the track.

4. we are limited to 10 cars on the track at any time by Insurance requirements. Based on previous track days, this should not be a problem.

We’ll work on a  “first come first served” basis but as this is testing, many cars will leave the circuit before the end of the session, so we anticipate releasing cars onto the circuit to always maintain a 10 car limit.

So you might have to wait a while until somebody leaves the track – but we do have it all day so there will be ample track time available.

5. We’re using the main circuit and there will be corner worker coverage at some of the corners, so we will limit this session to Licensed Drivers and race cars only.


Mosport is a handful when you are licensed and in a race car – we are not going to use this as a training ground for unlicensed drivers or street cars.



We’re encouraging everyone to use our ONLINE REGISTRATIONS AND PAYMENTS system only – it makes organising these events so much easier if we don’t have to handle cheques or cash on the day!

We’re reflecting this in our pricing for this event:





You can pay online by Credit Card, Paypal or Direct Debit if your card has a Visa/M’Card Logo.

Our refund policy is: –

if you cancel before 8th April, you get a full refund

if you cancel before 18th April,  we’ll refund the full amount you paid LESS $25

if you cancel  after 18th April, we’ll refund the full amount you paid LESS $50.





Register Now!

I can’t make it


Looking forward to seeing you at the Track.

You can get a copy of the 2011 VARAC schedule here so you can plan your schedule after the Test and Tune Day.



Walter Davies

VARAC President

(647) 938 3230

2011 VARAC Conduct Procedures

The 2011 VARAC Conduct Committee has recently held a meeting to discuss and develop conduct procedures which will be the frame work for the following year. These procedures have also been reviewed with the CASC Chief Steward for their input. The meeting with the Chief Steward was very positive and should pave the way to ensure the “SPIRIT OF VINTAGE RACING “ is maintained on VARAC grids.

At the Committee meeting, it was decided to add 2 more members to the Conduct Committee to make certain we will have enough coverage to do the job on each race weekend. The new Committee is as follows.
Chair: Del Bruce
Members: Gord Ballantine, Steve O’Connell, Geoff McCord, Richard Navin, Ted Michalos, Gavin Ivory.
The committee is in place to help maintain a safe racing environment for all members; with your help, our jobs should be light.
Del Bruce

Full document for download – 2011 VARAC Conduct Procedures

VARAC February 2011 President’s Newsletter

Our President’s Newsletter

Here’s the latest VARAC Newsletter – sorry it’s been a while since the last one, but I hope you’ll think the wait has been worth while.

As I write, its just over 9 weeks to the start of the season with the Test and Tune Day at Mosport (details below), followed by the first Regional a few weeks later.

This means that, if you haven’t already done so, you are going to have to renew your License with CASC – but before they do issue a new license, they will check that you are a member of the VARAC, so, if you haven’t already done so, you might like to renew your Membership for 2011 (details below).

You may know that Ted Michalos is the CASC Treasurer this year, so VARAC is represented at the highest levels of CASC. Ted will provide some notes of interesting things happening at the CASC BOD – you can see his notes of the latest meetings below.

Anyway, enough of the commercials – let’s get stuck in…


For the full document please check your e-mail or download here

February 2011 Vintage Racer

Vintage Racer Magazine is available online.


Dreossi at Goodwood! (AND Spa AND Brands Hatch!)
Vic’s Pics from 2010. Plus: Mustang Round Up!
Canada Class Mystery Car! And more!

For the full document please check and download from here

2011 Rules for the Club Championship

Drivers’ Challenge 2011

Points from each eligible event will be accumulated to provide twelve Challenge Class Winners and one overall Challenge Champion at the end of the season. The points-counting events will be the best six results out of our eight Championship events.

Festival Volunteers who cannot participate at the Festival races may choose another event on the North American schedule to replace the Festival and need to notify the Race Director prior to this event.

All V/H entrants are grouped into performance classes based upon their car’s displacement – G70+ entrants are grouped in their performance classes based on previous best race times at Mosport. (If the first event for that car is not Mosport, if no time can be established or where G70+ entrants are not known or their anticipated time changed from previous years, they shall be placed based on practice time.)

For full document see Here

The Rupnik Report

Je me présente, malgré le fait que plusieurs d’entre vous me connaissent déjà par le biais du “chat group” ou par mes articles dans le “VR”; le volet social du club est un aspect qui me plaît particulièrement. J’étais honoré d’être nommé directeur et d’aider du mieux que je peux dans le cadre d’un hobby que j’aime beaucoup.

Je me suis fixé 3 objectifs pour cette année en tant que votre directeur:

D’être un lien additionel entre VARAC et les membres du Québec.

D’encourager la participation des membres de l’Ontario aux évènements qui ont lieu au Québec.

D’encourager la participation des membres du Québec aux évènements tenus par VARAC.

Lors des deux dernières années, j’ai été la personne ressource pour le Classique d’automne au Mont Tremblant et je continuerai cette tâche avec plaisir pour les deux événements qui seront tenus au Mont Tremblant en 2010.

Let me introduce myself, although if you have read the chat group (or read my articles in the VR), you have probably “met” me before; the social aspect of this club is something that appeals a great deal to me. I was thrilled to be voted in as a director and help out with a hobby that I really love.

As your Quebec director at large – I have personally set three main goals for this year.

To act, if necessary, as a conduit for VARAC items to our Quebec Membership.

To encourage greater participation of Ontario members to visit and participate in out of province events taking place in Quebec.

To also facilitate and encourage participation of Quebec members into VARAC events.

I have been the focus person for the Fall Classic @ Circuit Mont Tremblant for the last two years, and look forward to continuing to perform that task for both the Spring and Fall classic in 2010.

by Chris Rupnik