VARAC Off Track Insurance Policy

VARAC has arranged an Off Track Policy with K and K Insurance of Mississauga that covers your race car, trailer and contents – EXCEPT for the period when your race car is moving under its own power – i.e. as your car drives from the Paddock onto the track and back again.

Features of the Policy include:

• The Premiums below are quoted in Canadian $ and are based on the value of your trailer and the value of your race car.

• All premiums automatically include up to $8,000 worth of spares, tools or equipment

• The coverage is for all risks of physical loss or damage – what this means is that you are covered for all the time your race car is not moving under its own power – i.e. all the time apart from when you are driving it through the Paddock and on the track. At all other times, when its parked in the Paddock or in the trailer, it is covered.

• Your trailer and spares are covered 365 days a year.

• Coverage extends to Canada AND while you are travelling in the US – but sorry, US members, this is policy is only available to Canadian members.

• Coverage will be by Agreed Value, with appraisals or invoices supporting.

• This is a special VARAC Policy but individual policies will be issued to you – there is not a VARAC Master Policy as such. This means that your future premiums will be based on your personal claims history, not the level of claims in the Group.

• This policy is only open to VARAC members

You can get full details of the Policy HERE and the Application Form HERE. After you have completed the Form, please return it to Joan Warren-Phenix at the address shown on the form.