2017 VARAC Contingency Program
2017 VARAC Fuel Pricing Program

by Shellbourne Fuels and Regional Distributor BRITSPEED Special Tuning

VARAC Contingency Program

Program Description:

  • The program will offer cash-value rewards in redeemable certificates
  • Shellbourne Fuels and Britspeed will provide Contingency Awards to VARAC Members in good standing who run Shellbourne Racing Fuels and/or Shellbourne EXTREME Fuel Enhancers
  • Registration for the Program is required
  • Registrants will supply car and driver information and agree to placing Shellbourne and Britspeed decals on their Race Car(s) when rules allow and in all cases, on their Race Transporter  

How The Program Works:

  • A draw will be made for each Saturday and for each Sunday of every event on the VARAC Schedule
  • Each draw will produce three redeemable certificates in the amounts of $50, $30 and $20 by the order in which they are drawn
  • Draw recipients may redeem the certificates when purchasing any Shellbourne Product for competition or personal use
  • The certificates may be used in multiples and may be transferred 

For more information and to register for the Contingency Program, please call Bob DeShane at 705-878-5422 or email britspeed@mowoguniversity.com 

Refer to the website for more details.


VARAC Fuel Pricing Program

  • Involves a “Container Exchange Program” where the racer will be required to have sufficient Shellbourne branded containers to meet their fuel usage requirements as well as exchange containers. (e.g. if a racer requires two 20 litre containers of fuel for a weekend of racing, Britspeed will provide those. In preparation for the next weekend of racing, the racer will exchange the two empty containers for two full containers. Britspeed will label all containers with the driver’s name and fuel blend (eg. D. Smith, 110 Leaded) and this will ensure that the racer always has the right stuff.)
  • Fuel is offered at lower prices and will eliminate the build-up of used containers in the racer’s trailer or garage.
  • To qualify for the lower prices of the new Program customers will need to have sufficient “Approved Shellbourne Fuel Containers”.
  • New customers will be required to make their initial purchases at the regular price. The regular price includes the container. Established customers will very likely have enough containers on hand. We will even buy back clean surplus containers at $10 each. 
  • Fuel pricing will be as follows:

For more information, please call Bob DeShane at 705-878-5422 or email britspeed@mowoguniversity.com 


Refer to the website for more details.