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Shellboure Fuels Sponsors the 2013 VARAC Drivers Championship

TORONTO, ON (April 15, 2013) – VARAC is pleased to announce Shellbourne Fuels as an Official Sponsor of VARAC and the 2013 Driver’s Championship.

The Sponsorship includes Shellbourne providing the series trophies as well as a customized fuel program for VARAC members. Competitors will receive discounted fuel through the arrangement and fuel specific to the unique requirements of every vehicle.

“Approaching the management team of any progressive racing association isn’t that simple,” said John Shane, President of Shellbourne Fuels. “The organization has a seasoned background. They do their due diligence when approached by any fuel company – especially when every vehicle in their exclusive circle is very different, normally expensive and as important as their first born. We have 44 years of experience, we staff our operations with the likes of Ludwig Heimrath, we have our fuels being used daily at some of the most renowned automotive shops in the country and raced by some fairly quality-critical owners. It has taken a couple of seasons to get here but it’s a pleasure and an honour to be associated with VARAC in this capacity,” he added.

When the opportunity to work with a quality company like Shellbourne Fuels presented itself we jumped at it,” said VARAC President Del Bruce. “John’s company has the experience and knowledgeable staff and will provide an excellent service to the membership. The customization of the fuel program and the discounted rates, coupled with the trophies supplied by Shellbourne will continue to enhance the allure of vintage racing with VARAC.”

Specific details of the program can be found here


 2013 VARAC Drivers Championship
Sponsored by Shellbourne Fuels


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Shellbourne Fuels has its roots in Canada. They started from humble beginnings with a handful of customers that wanted fuels to meet their specific needs. Shellbourne Fuels had the background, knew the science and so started to blend fuel ingredients based on the engine specifications and the race format. Six years later, the loyalty has been overwhelming with a customer base that ranges from vintage street car to alcohol fueled pro modified straight liners clocking 260 MPH in 6 seconds.

VARAC is the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada whose members share a desire to preserve, restore and race historically significant cars in a form as close to the original specification as possible.  We race cars made in 1989 or earlier in Ontario and Quebec.  The highlight of our season is the Canadian Historic Grand Prix held in 2013 on Jun 14-16 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.


For more information on Shellbourne Fuels:
Communications: John Shane (905) 842-6074